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Saturday, May 08, 2010

HaPpY SaTuRdAy

Today was an almost barely boring day aha.... I thought I was just going to stay at home and enjoy the bed :p because I have been studying a lot for my training assessment so I didn't have enough sleep. You could call me lazy, but hey it is such a nice life I can't resist not to avoid it happening, it could even make you envy haha.

But then it turned out reealllyyy nice though :D
I woke up late today and I got the chance to watch 2 movies today. We (me, my brother, and his best friend) borrowed 2 movies : Kick Ass and Shutter Island. Why? Well basically we want to avoid paying too much money for the theater and ended up mumbling about how $10 each person for each movie is so unworthy for the watching hahah if the movie was apparently not our type. But another reason why we didn't just go to the movie was because the three of us just have such a smart brain we could always come up with comments along the movie. Aaaand..... usually that kind of behavior would get one kicked out of the theater :p
SO, it was great! I gotta say, the combination between Kick Ass, Shutter Island and tons of comments were quite making the whole day worthy! The Kick Ass was such a funny movie we laughed at most of the times (you could almost see our mouth were getting bigger than usual), and Shutter Island was sooooo confusing, it almost twisted our mind and chin haha. Can you imagine how our faces would looked like??

Well one meal that was surely make the day perfect was POPCORNS!!! YEaaHhh!! And a such retarded act that I did to complete the day was shooting the popcorn making event..... hahahaha My brother was like.... what on earth are you doing?! I was standing in front of the microwave, shooting a video of it and giggling.

~~PoPcORn ThE MaKiNg~~

Anyway... after two rounds of movies, we went to the mall and tried this Japanese Food Court. My mistake was.... it was such a rush I didn't bring my camera :( It was good, you know. The food court was actually very nice. All the foods are Japanese. And we can choose any meals we want. Unlike most of regular Japanese restaurants where we sit down at a round table then choosing the menu from the book, we can go around the food court and choose our own meal from the stalls. And I gotta say, the foods are actually very delicious! I ate a Mix Sauce Beef Rice. It was unique. There are champignon mushrooms in the fried rice, and the fried rice was covered completely with egg. It was soft and what made it perfect was the sauce. The sauce was a combination of white sauce and sweet and sour sauce. And ohhh my goodness, the white sauce was thick and rich! I loovee it so much!
My brother also had the same meal. His best friend though had a bowl of Ramen and Prawn Tempura. The Ramen has very nice soup and the taste was rich with Japanese special seasonings, and it was just, not too salty. And the Tempura has a perfect crispness which we really enjoyed craving little by little haha. After one portion of tempura was finished, he bought another portion :p My brother bought a portion of pork and chicken fillet. I think they use the same sauce for Unagi. Because the taste was almost like the Unagi but it's pork and chicken though. And I love the texture of the meat, it was soft but watery, yet it was grilled! Ohhhh I just love the food! :D

I think we will surely go there again, and next time I will bring along my camera, show you how the food look like :D

Ciao, my friends! Have a pleasant day!
And Cheers!!


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