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Saturday, May 08, 2010

OmU RiCe @ MaNpUkU

Ohh my friends.... I found some pictures of the meal I ate tonight!

And fyi, the Japanese Food Court was Manpuku :p
and the meal that I had was Mix Sauce Omu Rice :D

Here are some pictures I got from another website ( I don't mean to copy cat, I will take my own pictures though next time heheh :p) Btw, thanks a lot to

This is the Mix Sauce Omu Rice that I ate :)

It costs only $6.50 and it is so worth it!

And this is the front view of Manpuku - Japanese FoodCourt at Tampines 1 Mall. What's cool about it is that they put the food samples in the window! And you know what, I was quite surprised because when the food was served, it was exactly look like the sample in the front window! Hahah. Well, I say this because usually you get what you thought would be as much or as delicious as you'd see in the pictures, but then what you get is a least disappointment, right? :p

all of the pictures here are taken from


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